About us

Who are we? (get to know Anibal)

Anibal is a leading Egyptian company and the first in Egypt to provide a platform for stores to display their products under the names of their own stores With a distinctive control panel that allows the merchant to follow the sales movement of his store on the platform Easily receive orders from clients Take advantage of the huge number of visitors on the Anibal platform Marketing for their stores and products and achieving more sales. And Anibal company has created an electronic application that brings together all the stores in their various departments on one platform, Anibal provides shipping services from all stores on the platform to all parts of the Republic for those who do not have their own shipping services.

Anibal application is a unique application that allows the customer to browse all the stores with their names in all fields, compare the prices of the products and see all the stores that sell the product he is looking for and wants to add to his basket in an easy way.

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